Natalie Bean – Certified Nutritional Consultant and President of Nutrition Forever Inc.

I founded Nutrition Forever Inc. to help people adopt healthy eating and exercise. While I work out daily, eat healthy and run marathons, I also know the pains and challenges of being overweight. I gained 70 lbs when I was pregnant with my first child and then another 70 lbs with my second child. By following the Nutrition Forever Program, I lost that 70 lbs in 5 months. Today, my mantra is ‘It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle’.  My healthy servings of nutritional advice have been featured on a host of TV and radio programs including BT and Rogers Daytime, as well in print media, across Canada. I try to be a role model, mentor and life coach and try to impact people wherever and whenever I can. I have a degree in Social Work from Ryerson, a Broadcast Certificate from Humber and a Certificate in Nutrition from Seneca College.  I’ve tried to channel my background and philosophy towards helping countless clients develop healthier lifestyles. My 98 percent success rate is a testament to my unwavering determination in changing my client’s current lifestyle into a healthier, more balanced way of life.

Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?


1 ON 1 Consultation

Initial consultation includes a 90 minute full review of your medical history, your likes & dislikes, allergies, dietary concerns and any other issues

  • Create 7 day meal plan
  • Detailed grocery list
  • Recipes and Ready-To-Go fresh frozen food line
  • Promote and teach healthy eating

Weekly – weigh in and meal plan Available 24/7 via text or email for support and to answer any and all questions and concerns.

Nutritional Consulting Sessions (Prices exclude HST).

  • 6 Sessions including 90 minute initial consultation – $675 + HST
  • 10 Sessions including 90 minute initial consultation – $875 + HST
  • 20 Sessions including 90 minute initial consultation – $1485 + HST
  • 40 Sessions including 90 minute initial consultation – $2695 + HST
  • 60 Sessions including 90 minute initial consultation – $4175 + HST
  • Ask about our maintenance options.

Ready-To-Go Menu

A well-balanced menu plan that’s ready to go for you to keep you eating well.

Coaching & Programs

Start with a free assessment and have a customized program created just for you and your specific goals.

Shopping List

Custom designed shopping lists to take the guess work out of maintaining healthy choices.


Natalie is a experienced and knowledgeable lifestyle coach. She coaches and empowers clients on how to change lifestyle and behavioral patterns to better support living a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with utilizing highly effective training techniques, which promote fast body transformations.
“Natalie put me on the path of clean healthy nutrition and exercise. I’m doing it the right way and know that this time its truly a lifestyle change”
Paula Koutrakos
“Natalie changed my life. Anyone struggling with weight loss & willing to put 100% into what she says will see success. If I can do it anyone can”
Rachel Danzinger
Lost over 50lbs.
“Natalie combines common sense and a wealth of knowledge in her approach to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Natalie!”
Cheryl Stulberg
Lost 25 lbs. and 3 Sizes

Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?


See why Nutrition Forever is the go-to source for media outlets interested in sharing the latest best-practices in nutrition with their audiences. Natalie has appeared on over a twenty morning an daytime shows to discuss healthy living and her approach to a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.
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Try my online appointment scheduling & booking tool. To book a free consultation using the appointment tool, simply select and submit a preferred date and time from the calendar and I will get back to you right away to confirm.  

If you prefer to speak with me directly to find a suitable time, feel free to call me direct at 905-707-8995.

You can also call or text me at 647-628-3431 for a free consultation.

I’m available Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday from 9:30am to 4pm.

I would love to connect with you and discuss your healthy lifestyle goals. It’s always a pleasure for me to meet new people. I’d love to help you start on your path to getting in the best shape of your life. Set up a time to meet and let’s talk!

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I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

Fully Confidential

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