By Steve Murray, National Post 
With our Sexiest Torontonian 2008 contest past the halfway mark, we see our first repeat entry from last year: Natalie Bean Sole, nutrition expert.

I smell a grudge match, but I can’t tell if it’s with me or Erica Ehm. I pray it’s not with me because judging from the photo, I wouldn’t last long.

Here’s what Lorne Simon has to say about the lovely Ms. Sole: “I would like to nominate Natalie Bean Sole, owner and nutrition expert at Nutrition Forever Inc. Natalie was runner-up last year, losing out to Erica Ehm.  We all felt Natalie should have won the contest last year in 2007. So we are entering her new hot picture in yellow shorts in the 2008 contest.”

Now, while use of the word “we” could indicate mental illness or royalty, I’m going to assume there’s a contingent of Sole supporters out there, acting as one. I can barely imagine one person thinking I’m sexy enough to enter into a contest, let alone many! Not even my girlfriend! Especially when I’m wearing my tiny, yellow shorts!

Our last day for entries is March 11, so get a move on, Toronto!  Even though it doesn’t state it in the official rules at, extra-sexy-karma goes to people who submit earlier!

The grand prize for the sexiest person is the chance to be a cover model for Harlequin and the ability to introduce themselves at parties as “the Sexiest Torontonian” for an entire year.

So, just e-mail your nominee’s photo along with a brief, soft-core description of their sexy attributes to Remember, they can be a local celebrity or a loving partner, as long as they’re sexy and not, I repeat, not a cat or dog. Please stop sending me those.

For official rules of the contest, please click here

Photo illustration of Natalie Bean Sole courtesy of Harlequin and Steve Murray